Who are we?

Kingsouq.com, the Middle East's most fair price with quality online retailer for Mobile Phone, Electronic Items, Home and Fashion. We bring to you an extensive range of local and international brands in the region, as well as in-house brands. We at kingsouq.com ensure our customers have satisfaction and comfort while shopping with us. Through our free shipping and 7/14 day return or exchange policy we believe in making your shopping experience more value and more pleasure.
Why do you choose kingsouq.com affiliate program?

1. Huge product data Feed.

2. Innovative and new products updated daily.

3. Competitive price and discount.

4. Promotions launched regularly.

5. Worldwide free shipping for most products.

6. Competitive commission.


What can we provide for all our Affiliates?

1. Update latest product data feed normally once a week.

2. Update at least 10 hot-seller links every two weeks.

3. Update banners regularly, including long-term banners, promotional

banners and exclusive banners.

4. Real-time friendly supports.

5. Make our publishers acquaint with the latest updates and actions timely.

6. Upload our product videos to ShareSale for publishers.

7. Attractive Gift Cards and Widget on ShareSale for publishers.

8. Offer any assistance if Publishers need. For example, we offer you

exclusive banners or Coupons and so on.

9. Competitive commission and bonus.

Our Commission Policy:

1. Level 1 base commission which is the standard commission rate.

2. Level 2 high commission when an affiliate sales amount reaches $1000 - $4999

in a given month.

3. Level 3 higher commission when an affiliate sales

amount reaches $5000 in a given month.

For Affiliates with good performance, exclusive services could be provided.

1. Exclusive coupon could be provided.

2. Co-branded landing page could be provided.

3. Extra high commission and bonus could be provided.


How to become a publisher of kingsouq.com?
Find kingsouq and submit the application at network, then your application will be Auto-approved. After that, you could get links and related data from network to your website for promotion and earn the high commission from us easily.
Declaration of kingsouq.com

1. According to sales performance evaluation, kingsouq.com reserves rights to terminate

corporation with affiliate partner, who did not generate any leads/traffic within three


2. If publisher's performance slides down badly, kingsouq.com reserves rights to lower

down commission rate to relative grade in the coming

3. kingsouq.com reserves rights to refund customers, and will inform publisher if order

amount surpass $100.

4. Publishers those who were terminated before could apply for kingsouq.com affiliate

program again, but need to follow the above regulations.

Join in our affiliate program.

Our Site: www.kingsouq.com

Contact Email: affiliate@kingsouq.com